Design and realization of basic block dress

The aim of this research is formulating the motif pattern of dress which can be extended into various sizes basic dress in which the motif is sanggit patterned. This employed action-participatory research to test the draft pattern by actively involved the batik entrepreneurs, motif designers and...



Structural design of public swimming pool at University of Global Health Equity

Swimming pools have become an essential attachment to most habitable coastal construction such as hotels, condominiums and single family residences. A large swimming pool type structure may obstruct the free flow of flood water and increase the turbulence. This in turn may increase the scour...



Design and analysis of automatic basketball score counter using arduino in Rwand

The automatic basketball score counter is the system implemented to count the basketball goals when a team score a goal. This is achieved by using push buttons, Arduino and 7 segments display. When a team score a goal and referee accept it by pushing on up push button, Arduino send the command to...



Problématique de sécurité liée à l’utilisation de la messagerie instantanée

La messagerie instantanée peut être comprise comme des outils qui permettent l’échange des messages qui se fait très souvent par écrit et en temps réel de manière synchrone (LeMagIT, 2020). Elle est fréquemment solliciter pour résoudre des besoins de communications et d’échange de...



Impact of zoning-based on architectural designs towards affordability homes

In Africa, the linkages between zoning planning and affordable housing have not been adequately assessed. In scenarios where zoning system has been enforced for a long time, such as in the United States, it has been often labelled as exclusionary due to how it limits the poor to access housing....



Design of popup sprinkler system at Nzove playground-Rwanda

This study was bounded to the design of pop-up sprinkler irrigation system in PLAYING GROUND PITCH. The topic was based on problem occur during sunny period of the year, most of the plants are negatively affected by intensive sun rays especially various crops. When it comes to the way of solving...


Ground water development in Rurban Butaro sector, Burera district of Rwanda

This project is a result of study on Ground water development in Rurban, Butaro Sector, Burera District of Rwanda especial in Butaro sector Nyamicucu cell. The study vision satisfying a certain demand of potable water and accessibility to community member of this sector because a handful of them...


The Ministry of Higher education in Niger awarded DPHU PhD degrees

On 17th September 2020, 9 PhD candidates have been graduated. Those PhD Candidates are from Burkina Faso, Cameroun, DRC and Niger.This ceremony took place at Ecole des Techniques Economiques, Comptables, Commerciales et de Communication (ETEC )( authorities from...


A comparative performance of burnt clay bricks and Compressed stabilized earth

The prevailing shortage of many building materials based on natural resources has led to a considerable price escalation in recent times. This has created opportunities for developing many alternative masonry materials that can be used for wall construction. Compressed stabilized earth bricks,...


Structural design of a three storey modern clinic in Musanze District –Rwanda.

This project consists of the structure design of three storied modern clinic in Musanze district considering lack of sufficient Hospital and clinic and also low capacity of health care in MUSANZE District, Muhoza sector, the researcher have influenced to design a modern clinic according to the...


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