Analyzing the causes and impacts of disputes in the Rwanda road construction

Civil works, worldwide, have the tendency to create strong differences in opinion between even the best intentioned parties, which can quickly degenerate into acrimonious disputes and become difficult to resolve. Like all other developing countries, Rwanda is rapidly increasing its capital spending...


The effects of acute malnutrition on child physical development at Gihembe camp

This paper presents a study that was aimed to analyze the effects of acute malnutrition on child physical development in Gihembe refugee camp. The study involved 263 children of 6-59 months cured from acute malnutrition sampled from the total population of 634 children of the same age who were also...


Design and realization of men shirt with long sleeves

The aim of this research is formulating the long sleeved motif pattern of shirt which can be extended into various sizes of long-sleeved batik shirt in which the motif is sanggit patterned. This employed action-participatory research to test the draft pattern by actively involved the batik...


Implementation of time management techniques in highway projects

Road Construction Industry is an essential component for driving the economy of any country. The number of road construction projects is increasing from time to time in Rwanda. However, it becomes difficult to complete projects in the allocated cost and time. Taking this into consideration, time...


Design and External Monitoring System Development of Car Exhaust Gases in Rwanda

Since the beginning of the 21st century, many countries and institutions worldwide have focused on importance of the environmental protection. Typical example is Rwanda, where the control for vehicle exhaust gases emissions is a mandatory practice. This dissertation had an objective of designing an...


Hydraform-interlocking stabilized soil blocks building technology in Kigali

Rwanda has a very high population of poor people who are not able to afford decent houses, the ISSBs was introduced to help solve this but it has not been adopted by majority of the construction companies, this makes the researcher curious and to wonder why hence leading this research study.The use...


Architectural design for construction of residential building in Rubavu-Rwanda.

The country has experienced a rapid growth over the past decade. This growth has consequently increased the capacity of the general population social economically. The increase of the population leads to an increase of an increase of the demand of houses. And nowadays Rubavu District is...



Livret du programme de Doctorat de Recherche au DPHU

L’Ecole Doctorale est un établissement privé d’enseignement supérieur mi distance, mi physique (blended mode) et bilingue (Français et Anglais), avec un système de cotutelle de thèse et de co-diplômation ; le système « blended mode » permet un encadrement personnalisé du doctorant...


Analysis of land use consolidation on agricultural field

The aim of this research was to analysis of land use consolidation strategies on agricultural field in the southern province of Rwanda .implementation’s process consisted of 4 steps and it involves different stakeholders, from the government level up to the local authority and residents within...


Causes of project delay of building industry and their remedial measures

The main aim and objective of this dissertation is to investigate the causes of project delay of building industry and their remedial measures in Rwanda. Actually the arrangement of this project work in this book is divided into six major groups such as introduction, literature review, materials...


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