Board of Quality Standards International accredited DPHU

DPHU has been fully accredited by BQS. The Board of Quality Standards is an independent international quality assurance regulator and a member of the international quality assurance agencies for higher education (INQAAHE). The organization is an independent international legal personality...


DPHU to collaborate with Lappenranta University of Technology in Finland

DPHU has been visiting Lappenranta University ( Finland. The area of collaboration will include students exchange programme, Double Degree Programme, Summer Courses and join supervision of thesis and dissertation



Monsieur TCHOFFO Désiré fut recu Docteur

Ce 23 Avril 2018 restera une date mémorable pour de nombreux Camerounais en particulier et de nombreux scientifiques en général. Devant une assistance de grand jour par différents lauréats de Master, Licence et Diplômes de Technicien Supérieur réunis à Libreville au Gabon , TCHOFFO...



Soutenance publique d'une these a Libreville

Intitulée « Profil épidémiologique et itinéraires thérapeutiques des victimes de morsures de serpents dans la région du Centre-Cameroun »


Format for dissertation and thesis at DPHU

You can download it and read more :



Research package for the dissertations and thesis

Technological research at DPHU relies on a diverse range of research activities that multiply the frontiers and interfaces, in a context that sees confrontations of concepts resulting in novel innovative prospects. In this light, research at DPHU is truly inter-disciplinary and inter-cultural.DPHU...



International Full Accreditation of DPHU

Some of the accreditations certificate are below attached



Business (PhD, DBA): The PhD in business focuses intensively on preparing candidates to direct highly specialized scholarly research while the Doctor of Business degree focuses on the application of theory rather than on the development of new theory. Despite the differences sited above, both...


The PhD Student supervision requirements

The main supervisor shall be a PhD holder in the same discipline and with at least two years of research experience after the PhD and should have published at least three papers in either referenced journals or as book chapters in a book with an ISSN number published by a recognized publisher. The...


Guidelines for the disertations and PhD thesis

Although the course is a research degree, PhD students are entitled to attend all lecture courses within the Department. They should discuss with their supervisors which courses would be most beneficial to their research. Additionally, first-year students are normally required to take two...


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