Use of Technology in English Language Learning.

This study focused on the use of technology in learning the English language at G.S Bushenge, a school located in Nyamasheke district, western province of Rwanda. The aim was to answer research questions regarding the use of computers and projectors on student performance in English learning, the...


L'Ecole doctorale Conjointe a ouvert ses portes a l' ETEC NIGER

La cohorte conjointe des doctorants s'est inscrite pour l'année universitaire 2020-2021. Ces étudiants sont alignés en partenariat entre IST Burkina Faso, Distant Production House University et ETEC NIGER. La coordination académique sera assurée par la DPHU, elle utilisera le mode mixte:...


PhD Thesis presentations at Niamey on 14 December 2020

The unforgettable day has been at Niamey where 5 PhD Candidates from Burkina Faso and 4 from Cameroun have officially presented their thesis at DPHU Center in Niamey. The presentation lead the participants and pannelists to think again how to scientifically contribute to the society.Dr Benjamin, Dr...


DPHU Finland Doctoral school students

The Doctoral students coordinated by Prof Albert and Dr Sr Yvonne have started their academic programs. Most of them are DRC nationals. Murerangabo Magala Janvier, Matabaro Rubanza Guillaume,Kanyinda Badibanga Jean Pierre, Bintu Tshimanuka Sarah, Fenando Ntana are the pioneers.They are enrolled in...


Feasibility study of utilization of harvested rainwater at Integrated Polytechni

In Rwanda, after 1994 Genocide tremendous efforts have been made in order to improve the water and sanitation sector. In these days, Rwanda government has made efforts in improving available quantity of water in use. Rainwater harvesting is one among of the solution of water scarcity in the...



Design of apartment to improve dwelling area in Rwanda

As the title shows, the purpose of this project is to improve dwelling area in apartment scale. Today high mass of residential zones and high price of land leads the employers and users to residential architecture. Apartment life creates an undeniable situation for human beings of which we can...



Design of rain water harvesting system in Rwanda.

Rainwater harvesting (RWH) system is a technology that focuses on sustainability and support the sustainable environment development. The implementation of RWH systems provides many environment and financial benefits. Some of the environment benefits of RWH system are the reduction of surface...


Design and realization of basic block dress

The aim of this research is formulating the motif pattern of dress which can be extended into various sizes basic dress in which the motif is sanggit patterned. This employed action-participatory research to test the draft pattern by actively involved the batik entrepreneurs, motif designers and...



Structural design of public swimming pool at University of Global Health Equity

Swimming pools have become an essential attachment to most habitable coastal construction such as hotels, condominiums and single family residences. A large swimming pool type structure may obstruct the free flow of flood water and increase the turbulence. This in turn may increase the scour...



Design and analysis of automatic basketball score counter using arduino in Rwand

The automatic basketball score counter is the system implemented to count the basketball goals when a team score a goal. This is achieved by using push buttons, Arduino and 7 segments display. When a team score a goal and referee accept it by pushing on up push button, Arduino send the command to...


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