In material handling industry safety has been a major consideration from the beginning and has only became more and more measured as liability and worker moral are taken into account. Ergonomics have also rewritten how employees are affected by the work they do. In current practice and work, the operators that works in a production sector especially in automotive plant) will have to give out their energy to manually push the trolley with an estimated weight that is considered to be heavy at maximum. The main objectives of this project is to design and implement an automated guided robot by using appropriate material and process that is able to pull a trolley or skid with a load with an estimated maximum weight and accomplish a safe handling operations by replacing the operators with AGR. In this project, the AGR is designed and implemented accordingly, through appropriate process such as electronic soldering and assembly. This AGR responses and navigation is controlled by the microcontroller which is a device that act as the main brain. As a result of the design and implementation of the project, the automated guided robot was tested and allowed to run repeatedly as it was designed to operate and a mathematical model was used to describe the operation of the robot from a loading point to a specific destination. This project is helpful to any person who would like to work on system and while designing and implementing any transfer system. This project designed, is more reliable and cheap comparing its important, the investigator confirms that this project is marketable, since it responds to a problem that is commonly met in every day for control, according to this book you can learn more about control remotely.
Keywords: AGR, Infrared sensor, PWM, Communication system

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