Gahembe cell is located in the region of dense population in Bugesera district where it is not easy for the population to find health services. The aim of the project is to design the health center in Gahembe cell which once implemented, will be helpful to the population to access health care services.To achieve these objectives, the loads were collected and assumed on the building, the soil was investigated to calculate the bearing capacity by use of penetration test. The Microsoft word, prokon, archicad & BS 8110 were used & referred to get to real presented results. The results found shows that Gahembe health center dimension to be 43.20m to 38.50m, the soil bearing pressure to be 350 KN/m2, the steel reinforcement used to be 5T10@200mm for slab panel, 5T16@ 200mm for beam and 4T25@250mm for column. Used stirrup 8@ the ultimate load pressure was 251.4032KN/m2 and the foundation area was 3.45m2. Based on the findings said above, the recommendations were given to the district authorities to implement the project for facilitating the district citizens particularly those of Gahembe cell, for getting the safe and durable infrastructure and health services.

Key Words: Health services, design, loads, safe, durable infrastructure.

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