Agriculture development across the globe largely depend on the technological innovation and advancements. There is an urgent need to design and fabricate portable fertilizers of various sizes and modes of operations in order to increase on the production and this decreases on the cost labor force especially for the small-scale farmer’s in most of the developing world countries. The study was conducted in kinyara-Masindi district in the mid-western part of Uganda which is entirely 75% settled by sugar cane farming communities due to the influence of the kinyara sugar works factory were the suggested portable fertilizer design to be used in the fabrication process with AutoCAD and Catia software’s to come up with 3D and 2D drawings. The study employed an innovative study design and fundamental method which produced results on the design evaluation (table 2) which showed that the concept of Hand driven portable fertilizer applicator mounted with hopper had the most advantages on the expected design criteria. A 3D model and also the engineering drawing of the concept was developed. The suggested design portable fertilizer applicator was tested and developed, the designed portable fertilizer constitutes of the fertilizer hoppers, metering discs and housing, drive wheels, discharge spouts, furrow opening and covering devices Sand the handles In conclusion, besides the advantages highlighted, PFA the only remaining task is to promote the above designed and fabricated portable fertilizer (PFA) in order to make it available to farmers i.e. small-scale farmers at a relatively affordable price so that they can increases the fertilizer application efficiency and effectiveness.
Keywords: Portable Fertilizer applicator, Fabrication, Agriculture, Fertilizer

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