This research study is intended to assess the current/ existing solid waste management practices and collect information which will assist in preparing a required and proper solid waste collection project proposal system in Rwanda Polytechnic/ Integrated Polytechnic Regional College/ Huye campus. The educational institutions represent the main components of sustainability promotion in our society and waste management is one of the challenges that educational institutions have to face in accomplishing sustainable goals and It is the reason why a survey study (non-experimental method) is conducted in RP/IPRC Huye campus from 01/10-31/01/2020 in which was very appropriate and as it is commonly used on other descriptive researches, the fact that, a longitudinal survey is used to collect data at more than one point or data collection period. The population statistics of the campus from Human resources office and Directorate of academic services showed that by October 2020, 1340 students were registered and 170 permanent employees (Academic and supporting offices’ staff). Based on findings of this research, it is revealed that the present system of Solid Waste Management in that College, is entirely relied on the poor management of solid waste collection, transportation and disposal and the efforts made by infrastructure and maintenance department and hired cleaners’ company in Rwanda Polytechnic/ Integrated Polytechnic Regional College, Huye Campus to promote the situation in the campus are insufficient as it compared to the extent of the problem. The solid wastes generation rate in the campus is measured to be 0.308 kg/person/day. This made the estimate daily and annual total solid waste generation of the campus to be 489.5kg and 178’667.5kg respectively where the study was based on quantitative and qualitative approaches where the researcher was used a sample of 39 among 76 respondents (cleaners) selected from CROWN MULTISERVICES COMPANY using the convenience sampling technique from the total number of population. Interview, Observation, scheduled weight record by the researcher of solid waste was used. In this regard, some of Statistic Package for the Social Science analyses (SPSS) was used to conclude the results of the undertaken study. In fact, as consequence of our lifestyle, waste does not cease growing in quantity, complexity and even harmfulness, therefore, the best ways that used to tackle the aforementioned problems is an implementation of integrated solid waste management approach disposal system. The research study reveals that the best proposal method for solid waste final disposal is controlled landfill plant chosen by 87.2% of the respondents, Composting facility with 10.3 % mainly of respondent from agricultural and crop engineering department and incinerator/ burning chamber chosen especially for the cleaners who are working especially on the offices producing waste from unused papers with 2.6% of the respondents.
Keywords: Solid waste, Solid Waste Management, Solid waste final proposal.

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