This study was bounded to the design of pop-up sprinkler irrigation system in PLAYING GROUND PITCH. The topic was based on problem occur during sunny period of the year, most of the plants are negatively affected by intensive sun rays especially various crops. When it comes to the way of solving the problem, different irrigation methods are all allocated to crops saving while landscape beauty is looked down upon to stay suffering and dry. So my objective is to provide landscape beautification such as gardens, playing grounds and lawns should not be neglected. During warm periods, gardens and lawns need irrigation in order to stay alive and maintain aesthetic views, play grounds need to be irrigated so that the grasses stay green and allow its use to be completed very well. On that playground they use traditional systems that is not suitable due to that football players may destroy them while they are in training inside the grounds pitch.the climatic condition is also unfavorable that why in summer time, there is a high risk of plants to die, that is why pop-up sprinkler system was the solution.
Keywords: playground, irrigation, popup sprinkler

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