This project is a result of study on Ground water development in Rurban, Butaro Sector, Burera District of Rwanda especial in Butaro sector Nyamicucu cell. The study vision satisfying a certain demand of potable water and accessibility to community member of this sector because a handful of them travel far distances to access clean water which never allows them to meet their needs adequately. To investigate the possibility of clean water, a geophysical method called vertical electrical sound (VES) for cost-effective resistivity survey was used. Based on results, the groundwater static level would be identified at 2145m above sea level or from our survey points of high altitude (2200m and 2196), But if static level was estimated to be between 20m and 40m while for lower altitude(2156mm-2165mm) it was estimated to be between 4.4m and 13.23m. In that case Groundwater can be recommended extracted through a drilled borehole or a tube well in the high altitudes (2200m and 2196). For (2156mm-2165mm) toward valleys and in zones of discharge, dug wells can be applicable. Also, the semi-manual and manual methods are adequate because the soil is somehow soft, but researcher recommend using bole hole on both on high altitude and toward discharge zone for proving the efficiency.
KEY WORDS: Groundwater, Development, Rurban

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