Rwanda has a very high population of poor people who are not able to afford decent houses, the ISSBs was introduced to help solve this but it has not been adopted by majority of the construction companies, this makes the researcher curious and to wonder why hence leading this research study.The use of local materials is an important step that reduces transportation cost, saves energy, and protects the environment. This study deals with the occurrence and characteristics of both laterite cement block and concrete cement block and then showing their strength properties. In observing this study, laterite blocks have strength and resistance to the compression, not only depending on their stabilisation using cement but also to compaction of the mixture and curing of dry blocks during mixing, moulding and placing. All samples are tested and can be used as structural construction materials. By considering the laboratory test results of compression test shows that the mixing ratio of 7% of stabilisation is economical. According to the tests performed during this project, the average strength of hollow concrete cement block is 3.12N/mm2 while the one for laterite cement block is 12.43 N/mm2 after 28 days.The study came up finally with that laterite blocks are strong and can resist to compression more than hollow concrete cement blocks and that concrete cement blocks are higher in price (cost) more than laterite blocks. As conclusion the construction industry would encourage the use of ISSBS in the construction of the cheaper houses, the contractors are faced by various challenges in using the material and the reason why the material is not used is mainly due to technology issues and the cost of owning or hiring the machine.
Keywords: Laterite cement block, Concrete cement block, Affordable houses, Strength, Resistance, Cost.

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