The country has experienced a rapid growth over the past decade. This growth has consequently increased the capacity of the general population social economically. The increase of the population leads to an increase of an increase of the demand of houses. And nowadays Rubavu District is experiencing the development of residential houses. This project will be executed in one of the secondary cities of Rwanda (Rubavu) to develop housing and unplanned settlement, Growth of the city, socio-economic conditions, Economic Development Status. The City of Rubavu is rapidly growing not only in terms of population size but also in terms of economic activities. This growth requires the development of housing infrastructures to accommodate the people with low and medium income. The sustainable housing of people contributes to the economic development of the City as the city of Rubavu has been struggling with the crisis in informal settlement over the last 2 decades. However it is commonly known that good conditions of life consist only in good residences and good infrastructures. This project aims to contribute to reducing the gap of modern housing by providing a “Residential building” in a residential area where existing settlements have already developed with modern construction complying with the new District Development plan/Physical Plan. The main objective of this project is to contribute to the construction of a residential building by minimizing the use of surface ground and occupying the upper floors for economic purpose of the scarce land for construction.
Keywords: residential, buildings, structure, drawings, construction

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