This project aimed at designing a four storied apartment at Huye district, Mbazi sector, and Gatobotobo cell in Bigangara village-Rwanda.Due to widely spaced buildings, land saving which are vital thing to consider nowadays, the government of Rwanda has established a policy of constructing multistorey building to solve this problem. After analyzing the structural members the reinforcements have been found to beT10@250mm on support and mid span in both short and long direction of the slab, 2T20 in mid span and on the support of the beam where the stirrups in the beam have been found to be T8@250mm, 4T16on 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and4T20on the1ststorey and 4T25 on the ground floor and of the building, main and distribution steel bars in stairs have been found to be T10@150mm and T10@250mmrespectively. And to conclude, finally T25@250mm in both direction of the footing will be applicable. To conclude we can say that after deep analysis on this required class of Steel bars and their sizes, we will design all the following supporting structures: Structural design, Slab, Beam, Column, Footing and Stairs.
Keywords: Residential building, Rwanda, storey, design.

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