This research project is entitled “Structural design of modern Stop bus Station;Case study:Masaka stop bus station” was carried out due to Rwanda is the country which is under developing, due to good governance Rwanda established the goals in order to increase the development in different domains. So, researcher found that in Masaka sector there is no any stop bus station.This project deals with the calculation and design of reinforced concrete structure. The proposed building has 20.18 m width, 68.10 m length. It is Three-story building and it has waiting space, Stop Bus parking station, Rooms of shopping, Restaurant rooms, Guest house rooms, Water storage and building coverage, For the structural elements analysis only beams are designed by software (PROKON) for computing beam details and steel reinforcement. The depth of highly loaded beam is 400 mm; its width is 300 mm, for longitudinal beams. In each direction, (longitudinal and transversal) two beams were analyzed and designed. The maximum bar of reinforcement bar for all beams is Ø25 mm and minimum bar of reinforcement bar for all beams is Ø16 mm. The other building members (slabs, columns, foundations and stair) are calculated by analytical method by using the basic knowledge in civil engineering.
Three different slab panels (continuous and discontinuous) were designed, slab thickness is 160 mm the maximum size of reinforcement bar is Ø 8mm .Columns in different position (interior, exterior and edge) Ultimate Deflection checking: Ly/500: 5800:500= 11.6>1.40mm. The maximum reinforcement bar size among all columns is Ø30 mm on upper floors and Ø80on ground floor .Links of Ø80 mm were provided to hold main reinforcement bars. Internal column design of 80*80 for the ground floor. Foundation was designed by considering the bearing capacity Pb= 460 KN/m2 and designed upper load from columns. Each designed foundation is 250*250*80 mm and the maximum reinforcement bar is Ø30 mm in foundation.In order to provide access from floor to next floor stair was designed .Going of stair is 300 mm, riser is 110 mm, the flight height is 301 mm and its pitch is 32.540, it is reinforced by Ø30mm at the bottom and Ø30 mm at the top.
Key words: Structural design, modern stop bus station, reinforced concrete building,geotechnical study

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