How much water is important in our lives is known to everybody and has been a matter of concern since the beginning of civilization. Rwanda is located in the Great Lakes Region and covers an area of 26, 338 Km2. The country possess water in abundance (lakes, rivers, and swamps), covering about 8% of the national territory which represents about 211,000 hectares. Rwanda is gifted with good rainfall patterns that are adequate for community water supply. Here is an action study the potable and sufficient water can be supplied to the population in Kanzenze sector by developing a selected spring and designing a water supply system of gravitational type to the householders for its life improvement. It was also to overcome all limitations of the ordinary methods used to find water from the different catchments, to encourage and show population the benefits of use potable water near household. According to the mindset of people within kanzenze sector of Rubavu district in Rwanda, there were many ways through which the researcher use to obtain information. The most common research methods are literature searches, talking with people and public and private institutions that can beneficiate the project, personal interviews, telephone surveys, and Google search A literature search involves reviewing already available materials this may include published materials, the calculation of land survey was taken using the theodolite for the purpose of getting longitudinal profile and elevation of the expected field. As results, if this project fails to be implemented, no one among the concerned householders will find potable water in the distance not more than 300 meters. This research implies that government of Rwanda has a primary role to play in facilitating the provision of water supply extensions and sanitation facilities to the rural communities, especially for poor.
Key words: Water supply, sanitation, rural poor communities, Muhungwe Mountain, improvement of rural livelihoods, mizingo and mutura water source springs.

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