In road car accidents that always happen and take people’s lives, some are caused by driver’s behavior others caused by road condition, vehicle parts malfunction and so on. By missing to use vehicle directional indicator lamp properly can be the major problem that can also cause injuries and death to people. After observation had done, showed that many drivers can forget to use vehicle directional indicator lamp during driving conditions. Due to this problem, car accidents take a lot of lives of people caused by misunderstanding of drivers about function of vehicle directional lamp. So this project will be proposed to be installed in every vehicle, by using this system properly in vehicle will reduce road accidents and this will reduce seriously injuries and death of people, and also there will be no fees charged by traffic police due to miss using vehicle directional indicator lamp. The researcher use laboratory and workshops experiment that allows to investigate causes and effects of using vehicle directional indicator lamp during driving conditions, but it might not accurately represent how things work in the real world. Kigali city as case study is good for gaining in-depth understanding of a specific context. As with all vehicle lighting and signaling devices, turn-signal lights must comply with technical standards that stipulate minimum and maximum permissible intensity levels, minimum horizontal and vertical angles of visibility, and minimum illuminated surface area to ensure that they are visible at all relevant angles, do not dazzle those who view them, and are suitably conspicuous in conditions ranging from full darkness to full direct sunlight.
Keywords: road, vehicle, indicator lamp, driver

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