In recent years infrastructure has developed tremendously but accordingly the accident rate also increased
tremendously. In the existing system only the human sees that the accident has occurred and they will call to the
police station and the reach of police to the spot is late due to that there is huge loss of human life and for that a
solution is brought up by using vibration sensor and accelerometer which senses during the occurrence of
accident and using GPS(global positioning system) the latitude and the longitude of the position can be found
and using GSM(global system for mobile communication) modem the position of the message can be send to
the operating center and the operating center will have the GIS(geographical information system) through which
can find the location easily and they can call to the nearby police station and they will reach the spot firstly and
this all will happens within two minutes by this human life can be saved. If this system is implemented, we can
save up to sixteen persons every hour because mostly the accident will be small but due to loss of more blood
the person will die if the ambulance reaches the spot within few minutes of the accident then the person life can
be saved easily and the cost of system is also low because nowadays most of the vehicle is fitted with a GPS
modem and only we have to get a GSM modem and a controller and so the system will be cost efficient.
Keywords: accident, sensor, GPS, vehicle

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