With the increasing modernization of the world, peoples are getting busy and are highly forced to automate more parts, if not all of their everyday tasks, for better time management and efficiency in production and use of resources. For this concern, looking all around, the enormous world development of different kind of infrastructures imposes human being to find solutions for better and efficient use of those properties. Particularly, looking at how modern buildings are designed with underground car parking, and how those car parkings are managed in terms of places available, time spend during parking and leaving the park, and cost related to the management of that underground car parking. This paper presents the design and implement an electronic car parking controller. This is a system intended to be used for controlling the opening and closing processes of the gate for better managing car parking by comparing the number of available places with number of cars counted, when entering, at the gate. In this paper, the existing system used for managing underground car parking is analyzed and shows the improvement and analysis of the new designed system. This paper details elementary circuits that compose the system and provides schematic diagrams and flowchart showing the details and working principle of the system. It will be advantageous to migrate from human based car parking management to automated system because it will eliminate jam inside car parking and provide an accurate counting of car Traffic and reduce labor cost.
Keywords: Microcontroller, Oscillator, Infrared transmitters, infrared receivers, Arduino.

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