Online monitoring and control of home electrical power supplied appliances is a project which has a purpose of controlling home appliances by using internet. The basic step is to control home appliances that has connected to the relay, the nodemcu has programed from Arduino to control home appliances. The design will connect the Esp8266 to the Wi-Fi router using SSID and password of our Home network Wi-Fi, where the esp8266 connect to our Wi-Fi and create a webserver, which can be accessed by looking through the serial Monitor of the Arduino. And that will help us to control home appliances in easy way. A smartphone or computer can be used for entering your IP address on browse or opera and connection is needed. When person is faraway at home and he need to control his home appliances like lamp, kettle and to reduce time they used to return at home. this online monitoring will help him for controlling home appliances in easy way and at long distance without returning at home. Nodemcu which has programmed should be connected to the installed application and then switches on the relays attached on it to control home equipment. this project will control home appliances by using IP address that espnode8266which made with Arduino gives you its purpose to access on each wireless that you connect on it and to help you switch ON or OFF for home appliances.
Keywords: Arduino, router, smartphone, Nodemcu, computer

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