In road car accidents that always happen and
take a lot of people’s lives, some are caused
by driver’s behavior others caused by road
condition, vehicle parts malfunction and so
on. By unworn of the seat belt can also cause
injuries and death to people.
As provided by Traffic Police's law in
national gazette Article 47: Bis; every
vehicle driver provided with safety belts
and passengers occupying the front right
seat of the vehicle, are obliged to fasten
their belt correctly. If this law is abused the
driver must be charged fines.
After observation done, showed that many
drivers abuse wearing or fastening seat belt.
Due to this problem, car accidents take a lot
of lives of people caused by unprotecting. So
this project will be proposed to be installed in
every vehicle, by using this system in vehicle
will restrict the drivers to start the vehicle and
alert them by alarm when tries to unfasten the
seat belt while driving, and this will reduce
seriously injuries and death of people, and
also there will be no fines charged by traffic
police due to unworn of seat belt anymore.
To make this system a reality, starter battery,
seat belt, ignition switch, starter motor, siren
alarm, relay will be the key parts that will be
used on this project.
Keywords: vehicle seat belt, siren alarm,
deaths, injuries, fasten, battery

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