This project operate based on rain drop falling on the windscreen where the rain drop sensor is installed. The rain drop sensor detects the rain drop from windscreen then send information to microcontroller. The microcontroller then provides the electric energy as control signal to the wiper motor, therefore motor rotates and drive the wiper system mechanism just to swipe and remove water from windscreen.
This project present automatic operated car wiper control system that composed of different components such as raindrop sensor which detect the droplet, microcontroller which receives signal comes from raindrop sensor and activates the wiper motor, and wiper motor which create rotary motion to the wiper system mechanism, then wiper blades remove water and all dirt’s which may be on windscreen. In addition this project will contributes in accident reduction. This devices has an ON and OFF wiper switch. Keywords Rain drop sensor, microcontroller, Wiper motor, wipers arm and blades

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