The building construction industry is one of areas which are developing very fast with implementation of the Rwanda Vision 2050 strategic objectives. This process goes however with some challenges regarding environment conservation, land management issue, materials quality and availability. This project is about one of materials in Rwanda, which is timber material. The purpose is to conduct a deep study on its availability and quality, application and its promotion. While the builders are intending to construct the new house, very often the important factors before selecting which material is to be used in the erection of the building such as the availability of materials, the economy, aesthetic of material and its structural performance are not considered. Thus, the above mentioned problems can cause the realization of the uneconomical and unsafe building structures. With respect to the environment protection; the sources of some materials are becoming dangerous for exploitation. One of solutions to the above issues can be the application of timber, respectively to the amount of planted units. The proposed research project deal with the application and promotion of timber material in Rwanda building construction with emphasis on residential buildings. Interview with different stakeholders in building construction has first helped researcher in establishing a list of all materials applied in construction. Secondarily, it has been important to know their views about timber material. After that, researcher conducted architectural drawing of a residential building considering timber material. The researcher conducted the timber testing for both tensile and bending tests using Universal Testing Machine (U.T.M) and found that eucalyptus timber presented high tensile strength compare with other type of timber and the researcher chose to consider eucalyptus timber to be used for structural design.After that, excel spread sheet software was used for making some calculations in design and cost estimation of the two residential buildings with purpose of conducting economic
comparison of materials used. Results from the cost estimation of those two residential buildings, the building cost for that one which is made in timber structures was around 109,864,392Frw( Rwandan frw) and the cost for the other one built in local materials (blocks, RCC, steel) was 133,060,972Frw( Rwandan frw). It is recommended that timber be planted in good quality and quantity, and be considered for example in residential building construction.
Keywords: Timber, building material, timber properties, building industry, residential house, Rwanda.

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