Construction is one of the oldest and largest fields in the world, in that field the researcher found some rooms such as smoking rooms. Since then, there have been many researches showing that the smokers number are increasing day to day and the effect get in touch with smokers and there surrounding people, its why as engineers it will be better to resolve the problem with respecting every one’s choice. This is research project called “Proposed Design of Public Smoking Room in Kigali City of RWANDA” aimed at choosing the better architectural plans and design of an appropriate smoking room which will be located in all public places. The architectural plans of this project have been established according to the requirements needed for a smoking room. A single room whose capacity is to receive 22 different people has been proposed. This project dealt with the calculation and explanation of ventilation, cost estimation and special finishing work. Under this study, this statute prohibits any employer from knowingly or intentionally permitting the smoking of tobacco products in enclosed places of employment. For a safe and adequate work, the researcher has deeply looked through different text books and websites references and computer aided design software. Such rooms are equipped with chairs, ashtrays and ventilation, and usually free to enter although there may be a smoking age restriction (usually 18). Finally, if this project is implemented accommodation problems will be solved, environment and second-hand smoke will never meet with smokes, and the combination of clear environment and healthful people will also help in the development of my country
Keywords: Room, smoke, Design, environment, architectural, ventilation

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