As the social-economic conditions of many people living in villages of developing countries still being low, human muscle power can be good alternative to fulfill the energy requirements for performing many activities like juicer grinder or extractor. Pedaling is the most efficient way of using power from human muscles. Traditionally, juice from ripe bananas was extracted by using big wooden bowl by mean of squeezing but this process takes long time, low production and they don’t care about cleanliness of the juice. Focus on current technology the way in which ripe bananas juice is being processed must be improved and time, energy consuming is reduced. The study design is normally base on modeling of a pedal powered juicer grinder with provisional for manual and electrical applications; especially it is an innovation to focus on extraction of juice from ripe bananas. The materials and methods which were taken into consideration in the design of various parts that makes up the machine are well analyzed, including the assembling method and how components are fitted. This juice extractor can be used for small and medium juice processing business in rural and urban communities. This pedal operated mechanism generates enough power to drive the pedal powered juicer grinder and the system is easy to operate and can be made at a very less expense.

(Keywords: Juice extractor, banana ripe, food preservation, low energy)

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