Maintenance of properties is crucial important in economic activity that needs attentiveness to supplement investment. It has been noted that the main objective of maintenance management organization is to ensure the required or acceptable standards and level of services provided in the building continuously at the minimum cost. Maintenance is one task among others in property management and as nearly every commercial property owner start his business with the specific objectives /goals that they want to achieve some succeed and others end up by missing this match because of the unexpected expenses during the building maintenance of their buildings. The purpose of this study was to investigate the impacts of Adopted maintenance strategies on commercial buildings maintenance cost in Kigali-Rwanda. Both quantitative and qualitative approach is used. The study adopted a descriptive survey design. The target population consisted of 50 from the owners, property managers and tenants. The tools used in data collection were the

questionnaire and interview schedules. The collected data was analyzed using Microsoft excel and presented in form of means, frequency tables. This study found that the planned maintenance strategy and preventive maintenance strategy have big influence in cost minimization in building maintenance. However, the corrective and unplanned maintenance strategies increase the cost of maintenance of commercial buildings. The research concludes that there the Property owners and managers should follow maintenance strategies, which is good in decrease maintenance cost .The researcher recommends that the Kigali city does not have a database of commercial properties; they should work on construction of database, which may lead to an easy access to information to help the researchers and other information about commercial properties in Kigali City.

Key words: Maintenance cost, maintenance strategies, property management, Commercial building property, maintenance.

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