Housing provides shelter for people to live in and space to exercise their daily activities. Unfortunately, housing supply has not been able to meet these demand. The housing sector faces a continuous growing demand in the urban areas. Affordable housing plays a major contribution in housing supply system but has not been attained due to lack of income of the residents. The purpose of this study was to explore the challenges towards the provisions of affordable housing for low income earners in Batsinda II-Rwanda. This case study target respondents were the low income groups, housing supply institutions and Housing developers. Purposive sampling was adopted in the study. The qualitative approach was adopted for this study focused on the in-depth understand on the opinions and perspectives of policies.The data collected from the field using questionnaire, interviews and observations and applied for it to reach objectives based on three main assessment tools; interview, review case study project and literature review about local documentation. The study found that affordable houses is still experiencing challenges and that the government needs to contribute significantly

especially by providing enough financial subsidies and assistance in order to realize substantial supply of affordable housing particularly through affordable housing fund. The research concluded that it is reasonable that the government has tried its best in the housing sector by implementing policies supporting affordable housing, such as the national housing policy, prime minister instructions and affordable housing fund etc. The Researcher recommends comprehensive and enforceable housing policies, programmes and the related strategic actions to be taken to ensure development of an appropriate housing provision system.
Keys words: Affordable housing, Low income earners, Challeges, Provision, Housing, Policies, Affordable housing fund.

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