In today’ Rwandan transportation infrastructure development, such as (The roads, bridges, highways ect..) two essential components of a successful venture are the feasibility study and the track dynamic loading trough out the cross section of a given structure.A major concern has been raised about securing the sustainability of the transportation structure for maximizing its efficiency so as to enhance economic viability. So for the case of RWANDA if any transportation structure undergoes a structural failure there is no proper techniques of solving the technical defect rather than to destroy it and re-build the structure
It is then in this context that, by use of cross sectional design study, the research brought up a system of using the evaluation of impact-echo technique as a test method that may be used in transportation structures for thickness determination or for inspection of possible cracks or cavity in the internal parts of a concrete or pavement structure without damaging the surface.
Keywords: Dynamic stress wave propagation, impact echo, cavity, Finite Element Analysis, MatLab, slab track, ABAQUS

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