This was a pilot study design of public smart fetching water tap, the pre-paid water meter for water fetch at public water tap. It is the electronic programmable based meter which consists of the basic controller device (microcontroller) which governs & control switching for prepayment or credit modes and real data collection. The microcontroller manages the amount from the sensor and counts it in numeric values. The microcontroller is programmed so that at certain amount of measured water, the Arduino instructs the solenoid valve to switch off. In this project the researcher have used the data got from WASAC and the data from the field visit to define the token which holds certain value of allowable amount of water so that the Arduino compares the reading from the sensor with the value held in the token in the Arduino program. The token is inserted into the microcontroller via the keypad and stored in the memory of the microcontroller. The LCD (Liquid crystal display 16x2) is used to monitor the keypad key press and the amount purchased released by the token. When the sensor
reading is equal to value stored by the token, the microcontroller instructs the solenoid Valve to cut the flow until another valid token is inserted into the system and Internet of things used for getting real data by using GSM, Raspberry. For traditional system of water billing collection used in Rwanda they don’t know exact numbers of consumers per day or per month but for this it will shows the total number of consumers per day even per month because of real data collection. This will lead to the increase of water distribution in a country. It is an advantageous concept for the future. Prepayment systems have been proposed as an innovative solution to the problem of affordability in utilities services.
Keywords: Technology, Pre-paid water meter, Bills, Water management

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