The analysis of fluid power systems on performance of an asphalt plant provided detailed findings as the basis of this scientific article. Case study was asphalt plant of Horizon Construction Limited chosen to represent other Asphalt Plants in Rwanda. The methodology which was used in getting findings for the research problem involved both qualitative and quantitative techniques. Study design of this paper was causal-comparative since it compared grouping respondents who were asphalt plant workers by age and by sex. It was all about examining the effect of an independent variable that the researcher does not manipulate on a dependent variable. A sample of workers at asphalt plant of Horizon Construction Limited was taken for collection of raw data. With sampling techniques sourced data was analyzed using statistical treatment. Analyzing the impact of fluid power systems for performance of asphalt plant was the basis of which results were achieved. Results of analysis showed that at design condition on one hand the decanter hydraulic cylinders were in good working conditions and within required parameter. On the other hand pneumatic cylinders used 6.5 bars pressure which leads to low power. Pneumatic system was not smoothly controlled moved somewhat rigidly. When Airtac cylinder is fully extended, cylinders experience slight vibration which may later cause damage of cylinder components. To enhace pneumatic system of the plant Air-over-oil (hydro-pneumatic) circuit which uses compressed air as power and oil as provider of smooth control when power requirement is low were recommended to replace the existing pneumatic cylinders. MULTIPUR type of pressure hose pipes also are recommended to replace the existing ordinary air hose pipes.
Keywords: Air–over–oil circuit, performance of asphalt plant, Fluid power system, Hot-mix asphalt concrete, National Strategy for Transformation.

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