The objective of the study was to investigate pollution control in Oil and Gas exploration and production sites in Rwanda. The study aimed to enhance the modern cleaning technology in petroleum sector and use of modern atmospheric harmful gas absorption technology. The study focused in petroleum refining industry and especially on the site where the Gas in Rwanda was explored and extracted to generate electricity. Questionnaires were used as the main data collection instruments. Government regulations and investor security were indicated as the main policy and concerns whoever facing the petroleum investment in Rwanda. The study recommends the following: Government to enhance the power of increasing the education related to the petroleum exploration and production since country got the chance of having the natural gas in lake Kivu, maintain consistency in application of the legal and regulatory provisions when addressing oil industry concerns and the revision of the price regulatory and control process to ensure incorporation of all operational cost incurred by the foreign investors thereby making the investment environment favorable. The study also recommends further studies to be done on the same in the areas such as where will be possible to explore and produce oil in the country
Specific objectives are:
To identify the types of pollution emitted to the atmosphere in oil and gas exploration and production sites of Rwanda.
To explore how oil spillage occurs in oil and gas exploration and production sites of Rwanda.
To determine factors responsible for pollution in oil and gas exploration and production sites of Rwanda.

Keywords: pollution control, downstream oil and gas, emission to atmosphere, emission to the environment,

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