The main objective of this research was to craft out an Architectural and Structural Design of a Three Storey Building Office at Burera District of Rwanda because of the inadequate modern offices that exists in this district. This was a field experimental study design. This is a creative process of turning abstract ideas into physical representations (products or systems). The architectural drawings were produced and analyzed by using a pilot study using the ArchiCAD software, Artlantis; structural design elements were designed basing on British Standard B.S: 8110 and by using PROKON software. Findings were that a three storey building of 51.80m *15.56m*12.45m with more than 50 adequate offices, two meeting rooms, three staircases, one ramp and six wash rooms ready to accommodate all available services has been architecturally designed while for structural design, the reinforcements in different structures are as follow: slab short span at bottom Y10@150mm, slab short span at top Y10@175mm, slab long span at bottom Y10@150mm,slab long span at top Y10@150mm; internal beam bottom and top 3Y20, External beam bottom 3Y20 and top 3Y16; internal Column 4Y16; external column 4Y12; stair longitudinal Y8@100mm and Transversal reinforcement Y10@150mm;ramp longitudinal Y14@150 and transversal Y8@200mm and footing 8Y20@125mm; on the cost of one billion three hundred and fifty two million eighty nine thousand seven hundred and thirty Rwandan francs (1,352,089,730Rwf).It is recommended that before constructing the district office, geotechnical tests of the soil is required.
Keywords: Slab, Beam, Column, Footing, Stair and Ramp.

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