The main objective of this paper is to determine the behavior of voltage from generation to consumption in electrical power grid and how we can maintain it within normal range where we have simulated a certain power system using power world simulator software .The figures of the simulations done with two cases indicates differences of 10.1% Voltage drop reduction, 18.4% of Voltage-Current angle reduction, active power loss reduced to 26.2% and reactive power required from generation reduced to 45%.
On an alternating-current (AC) power system, voltage is controlled by managing production and absorption of reactive power. This case study design consists of two power stations in different areas supplying five bus bars with corresponding loads where the figures listed above have been obtained after two simulation cases; before and after the intervention of switched shunt capacitors. In my country Rwanda; the government has reached the first step which is the construction of substations in different parts of the network and the next task shall be the installation of the reactive power compensators on bus bars of these substations to overcome the problem of power outage faced a time ago caused by inability of the network to produce or absorb reactive power during high or low load situation when the generating stations reach their capability limits. With the results found, the power system with installed reactive power compensators minimize generation power loss at desired percentage, improve voltage-current angles, and the voltage remain within acceptable limits. This research prove the advantages of installing switched shunts compensators in the power system of any country which has not yet done it and recommend the power grid utilities mainly Rwanda Energy Group in Rwanda to install these system with the purpose of improving voltage profile and network stability as well.
Keywords: Reactive power, power factor Switched shunt capacitor, voltage stability, power world simulator, Independent Power Producers (IPPs)

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