This article aimed at designing a safety starting system for vehicles with manual gearbox in Rwanda. This paper propose a technically sustainable solutions to car accidents by designing a circuit with safety switches on parking brake hand lever and on the gear selector lever . This allows vehicle engines to be cranked in parking and neutral positions equipped with manual transmission. The materials used for this design were considered and analyzed. It was also considered good to study how to keep the system safe and stay longer by preventing damaging. After studying the currently available starting systems, two working conditions were chosen, condition one: the parking brake mast be applied and the gearbox in the neutral position before starting the vehicle, if not the vehicle will not start. After designing the system and upon testing, we found that the device has a social interest because it provides a document to users as guide book for the owners of this system and the operating principle which is vital to curb accidents. Thus we conclude that this system is capable of limiting accidents if well implemented and used.
Keywords: Parking brake hand lever, gear box selector lever, simulating the system, materials of the system, automobiles

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