This project was conducted for the purpose of designing an architectural and structural four storey classroom at Iwawa Rehabilitation Center in Rwanda. In the first place, an architectural plan which showed all necessary parts of the building, after the soil bearing capacity was calculated in order to be used in the design of Structural elements of all building. Stability of the building had to be checked finally and finally the cost estimate had to be calculated. The results showed that the total number of students that can occupy these classrooms equal to 1,032 students. The bearing capacity of the soil was found to be 300 Kpa and the soil type was yellowish silty sand gravel, to have a structure which is stable, the minimum reinforcements on the different elements of the structure were determined. The minimum steel reinforcements required on slab was 4?10mm/m at the top and 4?8mm/m on the bottom, for beam was 4?25mm/m at the top and 2?30mm/m on the bottom, on the column required steel reinforcements on the ground floor was 4?25mm, 4? 16mm on first floor, 4?16mm on the second floor and on the third is 4?16mm, the number of steel bars required on pad foundation was 14?20 mm/m, for stair, steel reinforcement was 6 ? 12mm /m and for ramp was 5?8mm/m at the top and the bottom. The total cost of this structure was one billion five hundred fifty-seven millions two hundred thirty two thousand and three hundreds sixty two Rwandan francs (1,557,232,362 Rwf). This project will help Iwawa Rehabilitation Center to have a good environment for studying and hence the quality will be improved.
Keywords: Slab, Beam, Column, Pad foundation, Ground Beam, Ramp, Stair

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