DPHU offers a wide variety of courses taught in English in the fields of business and technology. Most of the courses are intended for Master and PhD level or final year Bachelor students, but there are also choices available for those in their Bachelor studies. The appreciated Engineering,Sciences and Technology, Business Management programme offers a carefully planned package of business and management studies. And in the field of engineering, we offer studies in seven different fields of technology.
Exchange studies will build your:

practical language skills
communication and interaction skills
ability to adapt to new surroundings
courage to take on new challenges
international networks
global perspective to your field of study
multicultural team work skills
cultural understanding
problem solving skills
knowledge of your own strenghts
global responsibility
other intellectual and cultural capital.

The goals of exchange studies at DPHU

personal growth – including academic and ethical growth
developing intercultural and international competencies
being ready for a career in the increasingly international working life
fluency in a foreign language.

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