On 27th april 2017, the Ministry of Higher education in Cameroun by the letter No. 17-04084 /L / MINESUP/CAB /CT1/ of 27th April 2017 from His Excellency the Minister for Higher Education (MINESUP) to promote distance education in Cameroon addressed to the Rector of DPHU and encouraging Partnership with private higher education institutions and public universities in Cameroon. In this orientation, today on 9th May 2017, DPHU concluded the Memorandum of Understanding with IUEs / INSAM : Institut Universitaire et Strategique de l'Estuaire(http://iues-univ.com/?page=1&menu=1&module=1&langue=1&nom_menu=Accueil.
In collaboration with the Group IUES / INSAM, DPHU seeks to operate the programs of the IUEs / INSAM Group using online and open-distance learning in the following areas:
INSAM: Higher Institute of Business and Management
ISSAS: Higher Institute of Applied health Sciences
ISTE: Higher Institute of Technology of the Estuary
EFPSA: Private School of Training of Sanitary Personnel.
The responsibilities of DPHU will be as follow:
• DPHU is engaged in supervising, coordinating all teaching activities, under open and distance learning (ODL), seminars and courses of the IUEs / INSAM Group's courses.
• DPHU undertakes to keep up to date the teaching material and the content of the courses of the program
• DPHU undertakes to finance a training program for tutors responsible for supervising locally the students enrolled in the IUEs / INSAM Group program.
The responsibilities of the IUE / INSAM will be as follow:
• The IUEs / INSAM is engaged in availing the syllabus and contents of the academic programs
• The IUES / INSAM undertake to mention available supervisors to the completion of academic program cycle, dissertations or thesis.
• IUEs / INSAM undertakes to make available for Cameroonian students following the training in open and distance learning mode (ODL) the premises on centers in Douala, Yaoundé, Bafoussam and others possibly for examinations or Other directed work for a given period.
• IUEs / INSAM have to co-sign diplomas awarded for programs jointly managed with DPHU in open and distance learning (ODL).
This Memorandum of Understanding is deemed to be put in action from May 9, 2017


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