DPHU has joined the International Network of Private Higher Learning Institutions under CAMES area ( in 19 Countries of AFRICA and Malagasy):« Réseau International Des Etablissements Privés de l’Enseignement Supérieur de l’Espace CAMES» en abrégé RIDEPES/CAMES.
RIDEPES / CAMES aims to promote quality higher education that takes into account the challenges and needs of CAMES member countries.

To this end, it shall establish programs of action, in particular for:

Develop intra-country information, mutual assistance and solidarity among its members;
To promote private institutions of Higher Education;
Strengthen cooperation between members and with cooperation institutions, including AUF, AAU, IAU, CRUFAOCI, UEMOA, CEMAC, UNESCO so that the interests of universities and private institutions Member States should be taken more fully into account;
To improve the quality of training in universities and private institutions of higher education;
Exchange with CAMES Governing bodies and bodies.
To carry out the procedures of common interest with the public authorities and member countries of CAMES.
To safeguard and develop the pedagogical heritage and the interests of private institutions, before all regional, national, African or international authorities and organizations;
Stimulate exchanges of experience and programs between teachers and students;
Define the criteria for the quality of the programs of study, qualifications and diplomas of private institutions and take all necessary steps to ensure their recognition at the international level;
Participate in the setting up and promotion of specific programs in relation to their objectives, in particular in the field of pedagogy and research.
Strengthen the partnership between private institutions and business and employers' organizations.

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