Kyambogo University is known as a leading university in Uganda with strong foundation and niche in teacher education training, special needs education, engineering and technologies within a broad range of areas. Many of these areas of strength match those of other national, regional universities in Africa and the globe. The University views established national and international universities as the primary target group for collaboration in accordance with its strategic focus areas (i-iv). In tandem with this strategic goals, Kyambogo University and Institut Supérieur de Technologies (IST) - Siège à Ouagadougou, BURKINAFASSO [( Burkinafaso Institute of Technologies-Headquarters at Ouagadougou ] on 26th June, 2016 signed a Memorandum of Understanding to promote academic cooperation. IST has affiliate coordinating centres located in Rwanda, Burindi and Democratic Republic of Congo and Tanzania. It also has strong links with the Distant Production House University in the United States of America and the University of Ghent in Belgium.

This agreement offers opportunities for Kyambogo University to internationalize its programmes for institutional development and marketing (strategic focus iv & v). In Rwanda, Burundi and DRC for, example there is high demand for Teacher Education and Science and Technology programmes. With existence of this centre, Kyambogo University will be able run its English programmes and French Versions in these regions with the only cost being that of human resource and ICT infrastructure.

Therefore, this agreement is to contribute to the fostering and development of cooperation initiatives, which include in particular but are not limited to:
? improving teaching and learning with shared resources
? curriculum development and academic program validation
? using ICTs for blended teaching and promotion of Distant Education
? issuing the degrees at the end of cycles (Graduate & Undergraduate)
? the exchange of faculty and/or other staff to facilitate programmes
? the exchange of publications
? upgrading the academic staff
? the promotion of scientific, academic and cultural activities such as short term courses, seminars, workshops and conferences of mutual interest
? joint research projects

After signing the MoU in 2015, the IST through its centres in Rwanda and Burindi immediately embarked in implementing the MOU.
Against this background, the IST coordinating center in Rwanda is convening a one-day study tour which will take place on 19th November, 2016 at Musanze Polytechnic, one of the IST coordinating center in Rwanda. The study tour will provide a platform for a group of invited academic leaders from Kyambogo University and Rwanda, experts to meet in Rwanda. In this meeting student will showcase their innovations and culture. In addition, it will also provide the opportunity to deliberate on a specific strategic issues as well as team building.

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