Career Guidance and Advice;
Career support services aim at providing students with career advice prior to admission and during post enrollment period. They require career advice as an integral part of their learning process in all the stages of one’s lifelong learning to enhance development of healthy concepts and confidence among themselves. Thus to enable them to determine choices of programmes in relation to the fields they wish to undertake.

Information Delivery to Students;
Students should enquire information and communication about studying at the DPHU and other general information in assisting them to achieve their objectives and targets of graduating within the prescribed time of the programmes.

Judicatory and Control Services;

DPHU has witnessed a rapid increase in student enrolment since it was established in 1992. The composition of student population varies in terms of age, experiences and in terms of geographical location. The nature of number of student enrolment and composition may create problems related to discipline and complaints from students, cases and instances of irregularity, cheating in any part of examination that student may be charged of that need to be promptly and appropriately addressed by a machinery that guarantee justice and fairness on both students themselves and the University. The mode of delivery of DPHU academic programmes has rendered these machineries not to be employed frequently and not to be popular among students unlike the case in other residential universities. The DPHU Charter lays down a framework for the mechanism for the administration of the University students’ affairs which include, establishment of and overseeing the machinery for monitoring, coordinating, regulating, controlling, and facilitating, the general conduct of students at the university and any other place or places where the affairs of the University in which students are involved may take place, be conducted, provided, organized or overseen by the University. This includes procedure for putting in place rules to ensure discipline amongst the students and the punishment that may be imposed for such disciplinary offence.

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