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Welcome to the platform of the huge network and partnership for quality online teaching and learning of Distance Production House University (DPHU).


DPHU is one of the emerging Universities utilizing hybrid approach to deliver academic programmes. To carry out this, DPHU collaborates with institutions quality facilities and teaching resources. DPHU shares expertise in the delivery of programmes with partners.
Our programmes range from Sciences, Technology, Social Sciences, Education, Business and Engineering.

DPHU collaborates with more than 38 partner Universities globally. Majority of the partners reputable public universities in Africa, United Kingdom, Europe, Russia, Asia, United States of America and Canada (https://www.dphu.org/espace/eod/partners).

DPHUs philosophy is internalisation of higher education with networking and collaborations to share rich educational experience in the 21st century. DPHU mainly supports workbased learning for the students who want to learn conviently in their work or from home. Hence the name Distance Production House University.

Enrolled students of DPHU get awards of partner universities as well.
DPHU utilizes technology platforms to deliver distance learning with its partners Universities (http://lms.dphu.org/).
DPHU encaurages joint scientific reviews and publishing of research and innovation outcomes (http://rufso.org/). DPHU offers programmes at different levels but mainly Bachelors, Masters, PhDs and Post doctorate studies developed by DPHU and those of partners.

DPHU credentials are recognized in many countries. Available at https://www.dphu.org/uploads/attachements/news/news_74_0.pdf

A key milestone at DPHU is the joint awards of PhD degree programmes through exchange of programme with the reputable Universities such as the American University for Leaders (www.aul.edu).
In Russia DPHU is collaborating with BSTU for the joint degree programmes and students exchange programmes(https://www.dphu.org/news/get/170).

More than 100 PhD students at different centers located in Burkia Faso, Niger, Gabon, Cameroun, Burundi, Rwanda etc. have been awarded DPHU degrees and that of partners. These centers enable students to access quality facilities and share teaching resources of partners. This is a new approach to a win win method of educational provision, other than competition.

In the East African region, DPHU is concluded the agreement with Dedan Kimathi University of Technology in Nyeri town (https://siemens.dkut.ac.ke/).The agreement between DPHU and DeKUT is to promote engineering education with a focus on industry 4.0 technology.

DPHU premises and augments itself as a University of networks with different universities applying Open Distance learning approaches to expand access to higher education and deliver quality education to deserving students (https://www.affordablecollegesonline.org/degrees/engineering-programs/).

DPHU is therefore a forward-looking, modern university with a proud tradition of providing high quality education with a focus on graduate education.

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