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Welcome to the huge network under DPHU concluded partnership

DPHU is the hub of the huge network and the experience due to the concluded collaborations with more than 38 partner Universities among which more than ¾ are public universities in Africa, UK, Europe, Russia, Asia, USA and Canada(https://www.dphu.org/espace/eod/partners).
DPHU is a coordinating the network of different universities at the worldwide level. You get enrolled through DPHU and you can be awarded by one of the following Universities.DPHU has got a joint platform for the distance learning with its partners Universities(http://lms.dphu.org/). DPHU has got the scientific review where different scientists are publishing(http://www.dphu.org/uploads/attachements/books/books_6038_0.pdf). Its teaching programs are Bachelor,Master, PhD and Post doctorate studies.DPHU credentials are equated at world wide level. See for example.https://www.dphu.org/uploads/attachements/news/news_74_0.pdf
Today DPHU has concluded the PhD dual degree programmes through the exchange programme with the big Universities such as the American University for Leaders(www.aul.edu).In Russia DPHU is cooperating with BSTU for the double degree programmes and students exchange programmes(https://www.dphu.org/news/get/170). DPHU has today in terms of figures more than 100 PhD students in its centers located in Burkia Faso, Niger, Gabon, Cameroun, Burundi, Rwanda,... These centers stand for the international mobility.DPHU is concluding the cooperation agrement with Dedan Kimathi University of Technology in Nyeri town (https://siemens.dkut.ac.ke/).This cooperation leads together DPHU and DeKUT to make significant contribution to engineering at worldwide level by embracing industry 4.0 technology. Last not the least DPHU cooperates with the network of different universities organizing the engineering in distance learning at the worldwide level(https://www.affordablecollegesonline.org/degrees/engineering-programs/). DPHU is a forward-looking, modern university with a proud tradition as a provider of high quality education and a focus on Master of Philosophy and Doctoral School as well.

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