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Mission and vision of the DPHU's online Library

The DPHU Library offers state of art technology, vast collection of research and reading materials and the specialized services. In keeping with the central role in the support of the core mission of the University, namely teaching, learning, research and community services in the distance education delivery mode, the virtual Library presence consisting of bibliographic and full text databases, electronic books, open courseware, electronic journals and growing institutional digital repository- may be accessed via the Library website, both on and off-campus.

Mission of DPHU Library;
The University Library's mission is to provide a full range of resources and information services to the university community and the city in response to needs for research, teaching and study.

Vision of DPHU Library;
The Distant Production House University Library is built on logic of complementarity between distance services offered and those available on their sites. It intends to offer each of its clients the necessary support for the success of his studies, teaching or professional and personal scientific research.
It focuses its development around the areas of teaching and research as well as centers of excellence and areas of expertise of DPHU, promoting knowledge sharing and access to virtual or physical information.
It offers a wide range of services that adapts to the changing practices of its users as to the specific needs of disciplines, taking consistency of its documentation. It ensures the conservation of documents from the education and scientific research of members of DPHU. It valuates these documentary resources as scientific capital of the University in disseminating and making them accessible.
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