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Distance Learning and Colleges at DPHU

It is common knowledge that a college degree will improve your marketability and earning potential. So why do many students fail to finish college or stop at the bachelors level? The answer is: time, distance, money. The distance learning programs at DPHU address these obstacles directly with self paced, online and affordable degree programs for adult students. A university degree can boost earning power by up to $2.3 million over a lifetime. Qualified people are passed over for job opportunities and promotions, simply because they don't have a college degree. Don't put your future on hold any longer; invest in your future today!

Earning your degree online or via distance learning with DPHU is extremely enticing:
• Work on assignments when convenient for you
• Study at home or office
• Access learning resources online any time you need them
• Determine the courses that are most relevant to you
• Earn credit for work experience gained through life long learning

But earning a degree via distance learning is not right for everyone. There is the mistaken belief or myth that online distance learning programs are easier than traditional courses. The hard reality is that the dropout rate for higher education online programs is typically 20 percent higher than it is for traditionally delivered programs. Some of the challenges online distance learning students face revolves around discipline, organization and independence. In a traditional setting you would meet with a professor or attend a classroom, this forces you to get you work and readings done. Since DPHU programs are self paced, students need to have the discipline to push them-selves and impose deadlines to guarantee progress is made on their assignments. DPHU students enjoy a greater freedom in the content of their assignments which in turn requires a greater degree of organization. Due to the nature of distance learning students will need to be comfortable reading material on their own and working on exercises independently.

To assist students and increase graduation rate DPHU provides each student with access to their Online Student Section. The Online Student Section allows students to:
• Access Instructions and formats for orientation courses,
• Keep a calendar of assignments with planned completion dates,
• Upload/Post assignments,
• Review Grades/Transcripts,
• Post Questions or Messages with Student Services and/or your advisor,
• Start the first phase of the program to establish the program curriculum,
• Access the DPHU Online Library

DPHU is organized in:

College of Science, Technology, and Environmental Studies(CSTES);
College of Education(CED);
College of Law(CLAW);
College of Business and Economics(CBE);
College of Arts and Social Sciences(CASS;
College of Medecine and Health Sciences(CMHS);
College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medecine(CAVM)

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