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In line with its values and credo, DPHU has the capacity to transform its academic added values into riches benefitting the Region, defining strategic orientations shared by institutional, economic and social partners.Excellence in research is fostered by collaboration with other researchers with complementary skills. This takes place primarily through interactions between the researchers themselves, who continuously develop their collaborative research networks around the world. DPHU supports the initiatives of its faculty through selected strategic alliances and partnerships with potential to offer new possibilities for students, professors and staff in education or research.Our team provides a link between DPHU and recruitment agencies and individuals. We offer guidance, support and information to help prospective applicants, their teachers, and parents choose the program best suited for them. Our office operates such programs as University Foundation program and degree programs and collaborates with other units to enhance recruitment.We deal with a wide range of degree and non-degree international programs in English as well as double degree and exchange ones. We welcome any offers for cooperation, and our friendly staff are open to answer any questions you may have concerning the scope of DPHU international programs in English such as Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs, joint/double degree programs (incl. PhD), summer school, exchange and joint programs.Some partners are:
Abomey Calavi University in Benin (http://www.uac.bj);Félix Houphouët-Boigny University in Ivory Cost(http://univ-fhb.edu.ci/); Open University of Tanzania :OUT( http://www.out.ac.tz/); Moi University in Kenya(www.mu.ac.ke);Nazi Boni University in Burkina Faso(https://www.univ-bobo.bf) ;(Institut Universitaire et Strategique de l'Estuaire : (http://iues-univ.com/), ETEC - Ecole des Techniques Economiques Comptables au Niger(http://etecniger.com/), (Annamalai University (http://annamalaiuniversity.ac.in/) in INDA: Asia), CIESA CANADA(http://www.ciesa.ca/);http://www.foad-eod.net) ;IST BURKINA FASO(http://www.istburkina.com/);Lira University in Uganda(www.lirauni.ac.ug); Kyambogo University(https://kelms.kyu.ac.ug/course/index.php?categoryid=63) in Uganda; Kampala University in UGANDA(http://www.ku.ac.ug/)and its sister universities: The Eastern African University KITENGELA (http://www.teau.ac.ke/);East African University of Rwanda (http://www.eaur.ac.rw/);Mahatma Gandhi University (Asia:India)(www.mgu.edu.in );(http://www.rvvedu.org/) in India;(https://www.ihee-gabon.com/); IUBTG in Cameroun; IPFMIC in Cameroun; Kalehe Institute of Education in DRC; All Universities and Institutions Members of SADC through DEASA(http://www.deasa.org.za/); African University of Management(https://aumgroupga.com/)in Gabon; Sup'Management in Gabon (https://aumgroupga.com/); Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (https://www.jkuat.ac.ke/)in Kenya; Ballsbridge University(http://www.acedu.org/) in Dominican Republic;California University FCE(https://www.cufce.org/);African Prime Institute of Science and Technology (APIST)(http://www.apistuniversity.com/)in Swaziland;Central Christian University(http://ccuonline.mw/)in Malawi; ETHOS Doctoral School of Cheick Anta Diop University (http://ethos.ucad.sn/)in Senegal.

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