General Guidelines for Credit Transfer

General Guidelines for Credit Transfer
The Procedure for Credit Transfer
• Before being considered for transfer credit from one university to another, the student must meet the admission criteria of the target university by applying for admission into the first year of the desired programme.
• Once admission is secured, the student will be required to register for year 1 (level one). At this stage, the student may then apply for credit transfer through the Department and Faculty. A fee of 30 USD must accompany the application for credit transfer for local students. International students pay a credit transfer fee of USD 100.
• The application for credit transfer will be submitted to the DVC responsible for academic affairs, and must be accompanied with officially endorsed documents (transcripts), photo attached personal identification from previous institution, passport, ID, or birth certificate, and a letter of attestation from the previous university, confirming that the student has not been discontinued due to cheating or examination misconduct.
• Credits shall only be transferred where the courses are comparable in nature, scope, content, depth and level between the two universities.

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