Admission Regulation

• All inquiries regarding admissions should be addressed to:
The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic),
E-mail: ,

• Applications together with an application fee of 50 USD or equivalent should be sent to . Foreign applicants will be required to pay USD 70. Alternatively the application forms can be downloaded from our website given above.

• Registration can only be considered if the University receives convincing evidence that the candidate will be adequately financed during his or her study at the University. Applicants from other countries who are in need of financial assistance to meet fees and other expenses are advised to apply for bursaries from their respective Governments, employers or other sponsoring agencies.
• Fees once paid will not be refunded for continuing students. Fees paid for one academic year can not be deferred to another year unless the student has paid the complete programme fees. In extremely exceptional circumstances consideration of refund of paid fees may only be made to those who have withdrawn from studies, graduated and paid excess fees. Provided that where refund is applicable, the University shall be entitled to charge 15% of the refunded amount deduct The percent shall be set, announced and reviewed by university from time to time.
• All students that are admitted are required to conform entirely to all the University regulations. Students will be allowed to change subject combinations only in consultation with designated Deans and Directors of DPHU.
• A candidate who has been discontinued on academic grounds at one of the accredited universities in Tanzania may be allowed to apply in another discipline or to restart the same programme without consideration of any credit transfer.
• If any candidate previously discontinued from University studies will be shown to have cheated to gain admission by credit transfer, he/she shall be discontinued from studies at this University.
• Change of names by students after registration is not allowed. The University reserves the right to refuse any changes of names that are drastic, even when properly booked up by relevant laws of the land. Students should register in the names that appear in their certificates. The official order of names during registration will be; Surname, First Name(s), Middle Name(s). Where a candidate has only two names in his or her certificates, then only those two names shall be used.
• Students from this University or any other accredited University discontinued due to any examination irregularities may only be considered for admission after three years since being discontinued. No credit transfer is allowed for such students.
• Every student is required to carry with him/her, the student identity card issued by the University, whenever he/she visits the main campus, enter examination rooms, and attend face to face sessions. Any loss of the identity card must be reported to the Admissions Office, where a new card shall be issued after payment of a fee of 15 USD.

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