Format for dissertation and thesis at DPHU

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Research package for the dissertations and thesis

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Full Accreditation

In addition to : and to: ? Reconnaissance dans l’Etat de Delaware comme une institution d’enseignement ouvert à distance (EOD) du cycle LMD par acte du secrétariat d’Etat de Delaware USA/Delaware Secretary of State Oder n°...


Chronogramme annuel de thèse 2019

Le chronogramme annuel de thèse 2019 est ci joint


The PhD Student supervision requirements

The main supervisor shall be a PhD holder in the same discipline and with at least two years of research experience after the PhD and should have published at least three papers in either referenced journals or as book chapters in a book with an ISSN number published by a recognized publisher. The...


Guidelines for the disertaionns

These guidelines are for the partners in blended mode


PhD guidelines

Higher education and research constitute the backbone of University system, which create the qualified manpower to meet the demand for Industrial, Agricultural and Social Development. Therefore the research carried out by higher education institutes should be of high standard and beneficial to the...


Break Free. Learn Smart.

With DPHU,it’s easy. For years now, Amity Online has been helping students and professionals across Africa rise above their challenges and dream bigger. Our globally ranked programs – offered across a rich variety of careers and interests - are acting as a powerful bridge to a brighter future...


DPHU uses LABVIEW today

LabVIEW is systems engineering software for applications that require test, measurement, and control with rapid access to hardware and data insights. This software is managed with DPHU partner named Tunisia Development systems(


DPHU uses today the Integrated Online Graduate Mentorship and Supervision System

DPHU uses today the Integrated Online Graduate Mentorship and Supervision System (i-OGMSS), an online technology that will revolutionize the way graduate students and their lecturers interact during the course of their studies. It is an interactive online technology platform for supervision,...

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