The world is going through a period where the country’s decision-makers try to reduce poverty. It is as if it is “recourse towards a paradise lost”. Being wealthy in a poor environment /village makes one both uncomfortable and unsecured.
This piece of work is the output of a research on poverty. The core of this research is focused on an entity of 3,977 inhabitants grouped in 338 households in one of the poorest quarter of Bukavu- Quartier Latin. The search for pure survival is the crux of the interest of this Quarter. Its only hope is the support from thirds- the DRC government. Care from the government being inefficient would make one believe that the government is absent-minded to some extent in this domain. Refusing to rot in misery, this poor population creates micro-finance enterprises.
Defining the real issue of the role of poverty reduction in Micro-enterprise has urged us to make use of appropriate approaches. The latter are the Schumpeterian and Keynesian methods in which the history, the systemic and analytic methods are included.
To better deal with field data collection, we have attached the structured and unstructured questionnaire, used the archives and made the observations.
Field results revealed that the “Quartier Latin” is real poor based on the economic criteria made. On the 338 (Three hundred thirty height) households, only 44(forty four) has tried to create micro-enterprises, in average, people of that area live with 0.87$(zero point eighty seven) per day, which is below the poverty standard.
The Schooling gap is of 1.24(one point twenty four), there are only 2.08 children per family at school instead of 3.35.A household has 12 persons per family in average.
This poor population- root of its own development- requires assistance not only from capacity building institutions but also from the government. In other words, their creation of micro-enterprises and their way to manage life does not really help them. They just happen to survive and have an 80% chance to bankrupt.
This piece of work points out aspects and ways out from poverty, micro-finance enterprises created in this Quarter meanwhile referring to scientific theories and socio economical considerations as well as the policies advocated by governments and the United Nations on poverty. The work is to first ponder about the efficiency of the effort of this population and their policies.
Finally, in case of inefficiency, the work suggests solutions to the Congolese authorities for an efficient poverty reduction with wish to implement these suggestions in other corners of the country.
This research which is participative between the target population and we researchers, divide the tenants of the economical liberalism theory with the ones of the providence state. Methodologically, it brings out the happy medium and the responsibilities of each other for a population that only need to improve life conditions. Therefore, this piece of work particularly points out the HID as they are presented in this Quarter and involve the government in the implementation of these solutions meanwhile socializing the target individuals.
The poor person being himself/herself architect of his/her own development, politicians, decision-makers, researchers, etc are all invited towards the solidarity of community for hope of the needy.
Face to the challenges between economists, moralists and sociologists, without mentioning Schumpeter, Keynes, Ricardo and Confucius - who some siding with others and others contradicting others- we have created a new path, a new theory called “the perch theory” which necessarily deals with assisting the poor people, guiding the latter towards strategies that will reduce poverty . The experimentation made on the field has revealed the strength of this new theory.

Key-words: Poverty, Micro-company. Schumpeterism, Keynesianism and Liberalism


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