1.1 Collaboration between the two institutions will be established in any area of common interest. Any Service Level Agreement (SLA) and / or contract prepared for the purpose of describing the operational provisions of any specified joint activity shall be construed as an integral part of this Framework Agreement.
1.2 However, the cooperation will be emphasized on various areas related to open and distance learning (ODL) promotion services, student exchange, teacher mobility, examination system and moderation, Training materials, short-term training, research and publications.
1.3 Joint projects or activities in the areas mentioned in the above paragraph 1.2 will be given priority,
1.4 Where one collaborating institution does not have the capacity to cover a field of interest requested by die other, the requested institution will facilitate such a request by identifying another institution in the relevant home country to the requesting party.
In collaboration with DPHU, Moi University seeks to networking, international collaboration, online Bachelor-Master-PhD teaching and research in nursing school
In collaboration with Moi University, DPHU with its Centres in DRC, Burkinafaso, Cameroon, Uganda, Burundi seeks to accomplish the above mentioned area

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