Bachelor of Business office Management
Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting, Finance,Marketing, HRM, Banking)
Bachelor of Business Information Technology
Bachelor of Mass Communication
Bachelor of Procurement& Contract Management
Bachelor of Development Studies
Bachelor of Human Resource Management
Bachelor of Community Development
Bachelor of Law
Bsc in Strategic Management.
Bsc in Project Management.
Bsc in Leadership and Governance.
Bsc in Supply Chain Management.
Bsc in Entrepreneurship
Bsc in Economics
Bsc in Applied Statistics
Bsc in Information Technology
Bsc in Civil Engineering
Bsc in Geo-spatial Information Systems
Bsc in Public Health
Bsc in Community and Environmental health
Bsc in Health records and office keeping
Bsc in Nutrition
Bsc in Agriculture & Rural Development
Bachelor of engineering in:
Construction technology and Management
Land surveying and architecture
Civil and Building Engineering
Water and Sanitation Technology
Transportation Engineering
Valuation and Property Management
Geotechnical Engineering
Structural Engineering
Environmental Engineering and management
Civil engineering and management
Bridges and highway engineering
Bio-medical engineering
Electrical Engineering
Electronics and Telecommunication Technology
Electromechanical Technology
Telecommunication Engineering
Automotive and power engineering
Air conditioning and Refrigeration Technology
Production Technology
Mechanical and manufacturing
Industrial Engineering and Management
Networking and multimedia
Computer Sciences and Engineering
Mining engineering
Textile and clothing technology
Chemical engineering


  • Jean Pierre -

    i have advanced diploma of Air conditioning&Refrigeration Technology,can i make bachelor in Electromechanical Technology or mechanical&manufacturing? if yes, how many years? how much for tuition fees? all the requirements and curriculum.


    Hey' I would like to know the curriculum of Electronics and Telecommunication Technology or Telecommunication Engineering. I have an advanced diploma in Electronics and Telecommunication Technology. Thanks.

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