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ACCREDITATIONS IN USA The DPHU is registered in USA state as the Institution facilitating the programs Bachelor Master-PhD online. This has been accredited by USA/Delaware State Secretariat Order n°5621 694 of 14th October 2014. See http://www.dphu.org/uploads/attachements/espace/espace_1_0.pdf The recognized accrediting organizations by CHEA: International Association for Distance Learning(IADL); CUFCE and QAHE . See http://www.dphu.org/espace/nous/accreditation 2. ACCREDITATIONS REGIONALES A. Cameroon Ministerial order No. 17-04084 /L / MINESUP/CAB /CT1/ of 27th April 2017 by the Minister for Higher Education (MINESUP) B. DRC Higher Educational Ministerial order: MINESURS/DFSP/165/0733/SG/160/2902/2013 of 8th November 2013 C. Scientific Review Accreditation of DPHU online scientific journal: University without borders for an open society (ISSN 23I3-285X D. CAMES / Higher Education Council in Africa and Malagasy DDPHU is the accredited by RIDEPES CAMES: Private Institutions Network under the CAMES E. SADC DPHU is the Member of Distance Education Association in South Africa Accreditation by CUFCE: http://www.dphu.org/uploads/attachements/news/news_147_0.pdf Read also the link below: http://www.dphu.org/news/get/147

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